Our quality roofing products & materials

There are a lot of products in the market today, and thanks to the wealth of innovators in the market, there are a lot of new products every year. A. Clark’s team of professionals in roofing products are ready to answer your questions. Come see us at our Edmonton or Calgary locations; visit our roofing showroom or let us direct you to store showrooms that will help you find the right products, features, and colours.

Whether you are looking for residential roofing products, commercial roofing products or waterproofing solutions, we have a wealth of relationships in the market to help you choose what’s best for you.

All of our sales representatives in the field giving free quotes also have samples and flyers ready to give you an idea of what you’re purchasing. Contact us today or visit our offices in Edmonton and Calgary and say hello to our friendly, knowledgeable staff. If you need an extra visual, technology has allowed many manufacturers the chance to get a digital preview of what your home may look like with certain products.

Custom roofing panels

While there are many manufacturer’s products in the market, we can have custom manufactured panels made for metal roofs, such as painted and coated standing seam, cladding, copper roof panels, and more. We measure and design the panels and have a local company create them for us. On site, we hand-craft and shape as needed to fit unique designs, such as curved roofs, steeples, and more.

Roofing brands we rely on